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Dogs and cats, living together … not mass hysteria!

The location of the best luxury apartments for rent in Plano, Texas. Because here, we are encouraged to keep our best pals with us … dogs and cats. And yes, they can live together.

The apartments are large and pet friendly, but the better news is the amount of pet perks throughout the complex. Start with the on-site dog park and pet stations within the community. The fees and policies are all very reasonable. And the proximity to excellent pet health care options as well as pet superstores is the kind of convenience that any pet owner will appreciate.

The Kindness Small Animal Hospital is right around the corner, and that’s the place I take my little Max … for checkups and everything else.

Max really enjoys the complex and the ability to run around like a maniac. If you’ve got a cat, your kitty will love lounging about the huge floor plan of the apartments here. So what I’m saying, basically, is dogs and cats each love living here. This is a paradise for pet owners … and for the pets themselves.

Yesterday we ran into a couple with a sheltie. It was the cutest little thing. She and Max got along great. I hope we see her again.

Gateway Crossing is a fabulous place for pet owners – luxury apartments for rent that are pet friendly. Yes, please. And the convenience of living in Plano, Texas? Yes, please again.